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Social Media is NOT a Strategy

Social media is simply a tactic to increase your level of relationship and engagement with your prospects and customers.  A true growth strategy demands that you leverage digital media in multiple channels to reach your audience effectively.

At Solutionz Media we believe that fully understanding relationship and engagement is the secret to experiencing success in the use of all facets of social media.  But used in isolation, social media cannot take you where you want to be.  It must be fully integrated into your marketing strategy.  And we can help.

Our Word of Mouth Media Relationship Ladder, shown here, portrays our view of this essential formula for reaching the pinnacle - establishing your brand and/or your reputation. 

Make no mistake, this isn't just about learning the basics of the top social media tools, it is about developing and deploying a strategy to lay your claim to your spot on the social grid.  A strategy that moves the needle, is measurable and one that leaves a lasting impact -- a legacy. 

Whether you are an individual trying to establish your expertise and authority in your field, or a company trying to figure out how to navigate the social grid in a way that will foster sustainable growth, we are equipped and ready to make a difference.